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Hello! Welcome to my Clinical Social Work page. My private psychotherapy practice is in Louisville, Kentucky, where I see individuals (children, adolescents & adults), groups, couples, and families. People come to therapy who are in emotional and/or physical pain. They realize that life is good for others, yet, feel uncertain if life will ever be good for them. My practice covers a wide range of human difficulties: depression, anxiety, addictions, dissociative disorders, and the endless complexity of relationship issues.

Areas of specialization:  Intensive treatment in individual, couple and family therapy to assist those who seek recovery from traumatic events, loss, broken relationships, addictions and illness.  Linda also specializes in dissociative disorders that includes dissociative identity disorder.

Psychotherapy is much like a journey that leads to an awakening. The experience can be interesting, exciting, sometimes bumpy, even tough at times. However as problems are resolved, one has new choices available for a life lived in a healthier, more satisfying and infinitely more caring world.

Within these pages you will find resources that may give you answers or stir up even more questions. You are invited to be curious, inquisitive and explore.

Office hours are 9AM to 5PM Monday through Thursday. Weekend appointments are reserved for intensive family therapy only. Please call (502) 423-0509 for availability. Click here for a copy of the new client "Personal Information Sheet." Click here for a copy of "Informed Consent Contract." Click here for a location map.

Click here to learn more about my Philosophy of Treatment, Treatment Style & Methodology and Credentials.

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